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Complete Web Sites

Custom web sites include the following:

Completely customized web sites are the most complex product because they involve more work and relationships with more people.

To simplify the process we offer an "entry level" custom web site for $300 (design and initial content) and $300 per year for hosting and maintenance. This site consists of 4 pages of content and basic information about your firm and associates.

Domain name registration is additional (you chose the registrar firm, we handle the technical details), and averages about $30 per year.

Initial design, hosting setup and monthly maintenance will allow your and your firm to participate in the information age at a minimal cost.

Firms with more than a few associates will likely need more than the basic package because more pages are necessary, maintenance is more frequent and customized content can vary from simple to dynamic content using advanced technologies such as databases.

Call (423) 802-9376 for details and a quotation.