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Searching the Bankruptcy dockets

The CourtRunner search engine lets you enter a name, number or character string (group of characters, including spaces) that may be contained in a docket case listing. It then displays those court cases in which the search object was found and highlights the object in red. The information on each case also includes the title of the page in which the case appears as well as a link to the top of that page.

You have the option to choose which courts to include in the search. You can include as many as you want from the search panel. (There are three different panels - Federal, County, and Municipal) Your entries are not case sensitive. Since the search includes only those pages within our web site (rather than the entire world), you may be more successful in finding what you want by using a single, short word or fraction of a word or number. (e.g., use hutch in place of David Hutchinson or 4367 in place of D29674367). However, be aware that a request for cases containing the name "Law", will also net you those containing "Lawrence" or Laidlaw.

The bankruptcy dockets are best searched with a last name only, because some of the listings have a full name, some a last name and Initial, and other a last name only. If looking for a lawyer's name, you can put a space as the first character ( hill) to avoid finding Phillips as well. Some docket files are quite large, especially those from the criminal, sessions and circuit courts. What's more, several of these large files can be associated with each court (one file for each division or each day of the week). As a result, the search engine may take several seconds to complete its search.

New cases, dismissals, and discharges do not contain a lawyer's name and are best searched by last name of debtor or ZIP code.

You can also perform searches using your browser's own search engine. However, it can only search one page at a time (the page you are in). Use your browser's command for "Find". This search method is particularly useful when you are looking for a name or number in a document that is already on your screen because it places you at the appropriate location on the document where the entry is found.

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