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Welcome to the CourtRunnerTM Demonstration Tour and Training Area

CourtRunner is a high speed tool for searching for pre-court docket information. It covers almost all courts in the Chattanooga / Hamilton County area with updates seven days a week.

Because court dockets are complex, and sometimes confusing, this area will get you "up to speed" and productive in the use of the site.

You begin the process with a choice. You may chose to see the entire docket for a court, or you may chose to search the docket for specific text (lawyer name, client name, case number, etc.)

The first choice, "Detailed Docket" will provide you with all of the information (supplied by the respective Court Clerk) about the scheduled activity of the court. This may include dozens (occassionally hundreds) of separate cases, lawyers, and clients.

While viewing the detailed docket, you may use the Find (or Search) function of your browser to scan the docket for specific text.

To view (and print, if desired) the detailed contents of selected court dockets, visit the Demo "Control Panel".

The second choice, "Text Search" will allow you to rapidly read many pages (using a computer search engine) and mark the pages on which the text sought appears. This will allow you to quickly view (and print) a summary that includes ONLY those items sought.

To quickly search dockets for specific text (lawyer name, case number, badge number, etc.), enter the text into the text box at the bottom of the group of desired dockets, use the mouse to "check off" the desired docket group, and then click on "Search".

Each occurance of the "search text" in one of the dockets will produce:

which will allow you to see the text in context and get details when necessary.

To search (and print, if desired) the contents of selected court dockets, visit the Demo "Control Panel".

For additional tips on how to copy, print or download files as well as some additional search tips, visit the CourtRunner Help Page.

Because most dockets are posted within a few days of the actual court appearance. This will allow the legal professional, news organization, or local business to stay abreast of court happenings without a waste of time. Remember, the demo uses uses actual dockets from the recent past.

The information for these dockets is obtained from periodic postings by the respective courts.

While every effort is made to maintain their authenticity, online dockets are not official documents of the court.