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This demo page will behave like the real control panel in CourtRunner, but with fewer choices (to demonstrate specific features). The dockets returned are from random months in the last year.

CourtRunnerTM Demonstration Control Panel

To return to the demo tour from another page, use the browser BACK button.

To view the entire contents of a docket, click on the description of the docket in the column "Click here for detailed...". The entire docket will be displayed and you may use the "search" or "Find" function on your web browser to locate specific text. You may also print all, or part of, the docket.

To quickly search many dockets for specific text, enter the desired text into the text box below the desired group of dockets, "check off" the box to the right of the docket description (in the column "Text Search") and then click on the button marked "Search". You will see a summary of the docket with each occurance of the desired text highlighted.

To get some suggestions on searches, click the help symbol "?" in the extreme right column. Because each docket has a slightly different format, some search techniques will be more effective. The help page will illustrate the desired docket and how best to search it.

Because most dockets are posted within a few days of the actual court appearance and can be changed until the day before, you should plan to view "active" dockets several times a week to catch all updates. This will allow the legal professional, news organization, or local business to stay abreast of court happenings without a waste of time.

The information for these dockets is obtained from periodic postings by the respective courts.

While every effort is made to maintain their authenticity, online dockets are not official documents of the court.